Make a date, ROW80 Check in

Where the devil have you been I hear you all cry?  You’ve not been commenting on people’s posts, you’ve ROW80Logocopynot been checking in, have you fallen off the edge of the world?  Not quite.

Over the past few weeks, outside of work hours, I have been working on the Add Deal website so that at the end of June we can launch a new online search engine, I won’t go into to much detail other than watch this space.

So what’s happening with this blog?  Well end of June, I will be closing down the blog, re-directing the domain name to our Official Add Deal blog, which I hope you will all pop over and visit.  As much as I have enjoyed the ROW80 checkins, unfortunately I won’t be checking in from the end of June.

So pop a date in your diary, June 30th will be the last time we blog on here, this blog will be archived and re-directed.

Any who here is my check in for this week, as ever you can find all of my posts for this round right here, and my initial goals here.


  • Finalising the accounts this week, and arranging to meet the accountant once organsied.
  • Bank Accounts: Application approved, awaiting documents to enable usage, but this goal has now been complete and will be struck off.
  • Sack off unimportant projects. done/li>


  • Boost Torbay Blog:- Updated several times this past month, pop over and have a look at their articles.
  • Torbay Discount Card Blog: – Not updated
  • EThree Mobile Blog:- Not Updated
  • Ethree Corporate Blog:- Not Updated
  • Personal Blog:- Updated, and will be removed from the goals.

Personal Stuff

Now this section has taken a heck of a hammering these past few weeks.  I’ve started a diet and I’ve got a weight that I’m aiming to reach.  So here goes.

Weigh Inn: Completed I weighed a staggering 20st 7lbs, huge or what.

Target Weight: I’m aiming to 19st 5lbs by the end of June, my current weight is 20st 2lbs, pretty good eh.

The above goals will now be crossed off the list.

I am yet to do the following:

Join the gym:- This is planned for the end of the month

Physical Activity:- I’m walking to and from work, and this week have started walking down the sea front in a morning.

I’ve also started a more personal blog and you can keep an eye on my progress by going to it right here.


Sunday ROW80 Check-in

Apologies for the lack of ROW80 check-ins these past couple of weeks what with one thing or another thingsROW80Logocopy have been extremely busy this end.  Over here in the UK there has been the General Election and for the first time I found myself caught up in the political jargon as my partner was standing for councillor for the labour party.

For those of you who saw the General Election on TV it was certainly a night of wipe outs first with the Lib Dems and then Labour losing almost all of their seats in Scotland bar the one. But now that is out the way and life is slowly turning back to normal I am finally sitting down and writing up this update for the ROW80 challenge.

For those of you who are reading this mid-way take a look at my initial goals right here and why not visit the dedicated ROW80 category for this round here.

The Goals

  • Corporate Re-Structure: Things on track, cessation accounts are currently being produced and will be ready for inspection shortly.
  • Bank Accounts: No progress as yet, going to be sorting this out this month with the view to have everything under control by the end of the month.
  • Sack off Unimportant Projects: Well looking at my to do list, I’ve removed quite a few off my list and things are starting to look more clear.


With preparing and supporting my partner through the General Election, the blogging side of things has been a little quiet, but there have been some changes already, noticeably this blog.  We’ve had a re-design and we’ve also changed the domain name.

You can now find us at

  • Boost Torbay BlogOne new blog post this week introducing a re-brand and informing people to make a date in their diaries.
  • Torbay Discount Card Blog:- Nothing new on here as of yet.
  • EThree Mobile Blog:- Nothing new on this one either
  • EThree Corporate Blog:- One new blog post this week informing people of the changes we have made and its new location a
  • Personal Blog:- Nothing new on this one.

Personal Stuff

This has been sacrificed quite drastically over the past couple of weeks, but with the everything now back on the straight and narrow its the target for the next couple of weeks.  So much so I even have a time line:

Weigh Inn:- Will be completed on Monday 11th May 2015.

Join the Gym:- Will be completed by Friday 15th May 2015

Target Weight: Will be completed on Monday 11th May 2015.

Physical Activity:- Once the gym has been joined this can then begin.

So there we have it, by the end of this week I’m determined the get the personal stuff out the way.  I’ve also got to get the car booked in for an MOT.

Add Deal for Search? What the heck?

twitter-bkround-adddealIf anyone has been to our website over the past few weeks you will notice we have had one hell of a change, and we’re not talking a few words here we’re talking a complete revamp and re-design of the entire website. Visiting our website you would be forgiven for thinking you have landed on a search engine website from the 1990s, well don’t click that button because you have.

Add Deal at the moment has a very simple layout, a search box which is powered by the worlds largest search engine, Google. You will also find a link to the 7 things we do know, these are our goals moving forward.

What’s happening?

Behind the scenes we are being very secretive about what we are up to, but soon all will be revealed, this blog will also be going through a bit of  transformation in the coming weeks.  We know you are going to love it and we also know your not going to believe how simple it is.

Add Deal – Saving you more than just a few pennies…

Blogs & Indecisions – ROW80 Checkin

First off, please accept my apologies for not checking in on time this week, I totally missed Sunday’s checkin and yesterday well that just came and went.  So here I am, finally sitting down in front of my laptop with the TV on in the background and the sounds of my son playing in the background with his book.

Given the current title of this blog post you may be wondering what its about and what I’m indecisive about so let’s get started with the progress on these goals.  As ever you can find my initial goals right here, you will also be able to find all of my check-ins to date right here.

The Goals

  • Corporate Restructure: – Letters Sent and are off my desk, have also been in touch with accountant who is waiting for the dust to settle with the other bits that I have on.
  • Bank Account:- No progress here this week.
  • Sack off Unimportant Projects:- No progress here this week


Well interesting one this week, I’ve started a new blog for the Add Deal project, unfortunately not on WordPress but on Blogger.  The purpose of this blog is well, I’m not sure yet, I’m sure it will all become clear.  You can find this blog right here.

Personal Stuff

I’m not even going to go into this, as I’ve still not got down that gym, the 5am wake up call is going well and everything else has just not been a priority, typical eh.  Will certainly try and do more before Sunday, after all its another what 3 days away.

ROW80 Mid Week – Good Morning 5am….

ROW80LogocopyAright its not 5am here in the UK but for the past week I have been aiming and determined to get up every morning at 5am to respond to emails and clear out the inbox so that by 9am the inbox is empty and I can get on with the main task of building websites and so on.

With this goal now firmly set in stone, the next step is to introduce some exercise, this is something I will be doing over the next few days.

As always you can find my initial goals for this round right here.  You can visit the dedicated ROW80 2015 category here also.

The Goals 

  • Corporate Restructure: – Letters printed and are ready to go in the post.
  • Bank Account:- No progress here this week.
  • Sack off Unimportant Projects:- No progress here this week


Bit of an awful week this week, managed to get one blog post out the way, however other blogs have suffered from a lack of attention. Uh Oh.

  • Boost Torbay Blog:- Finally got round to updating the blog, however this was only the once, need to update this more regularly.
  • Torbay Discount Card Blog:- Nothing new to report here
  • E3 Mobile Blog:- Nothing new here either
  • E3 Mobile Corporate Blog:- Nothing new here
  • Personal Blog:- Nothing new

The Personal Stuff 

So with the 5am starts now firmly in place, we have removed this goal from ROW80 and now the goals are looking very much like this:

  • Physical Activity: – Nothing new here, will be making a start on this ASAP as it is important and helps with motivation.
  • Weigh Inn – Nothing new here.
  • Target Weight: – Nothing New
  • Join the Gymn – it’s on the cards for this weekend.

Another week is almost over and have already started to make some progress on some of these goals.  However, I’d like to try and make more progress next week, particularly on the personal frontier.  Watch this space for further news on that one.

How did you do this week?

Like It

likeable-blog-20-2xWell, not very often this happens and it may look like a very small number but WordPress has reported 20 of you have given us the thumbs over the past few years since our WordPress has been live.  For that we would like to say a big thank you to all of you who have given us the thumbs up and who have been with us for the past 2-3 years.

We are pleased you like some of the comments/content that we share and we hope that you will continue to be with us over the next few months.  There are some exciting ideas we have up our sleeves and we hope that you will all in turn stay with us.

We have recently been running a survey and we have had a good number of people provide us with some answers as to what we should do with Add Deal and we are now in the process of looking through these.

Thank you all again for giving us the thumbs up and here’s to the next 20 likes. :).

ROW80: The Sunday Checkin

ROW80LogocopyHere we are Sunday, and a quick look at the goals from when we began this process I can see that some progress has been made.  This week has been a bit of a busy one with one thing or another not helped with a slight cold.  However, the kids are all back at school this week which means normal routine can continue.

Here goes for the goals:

  • Corporate Restructure: – Complete the outstanding paper work needed to ensure the company is wound up correctly and the assets are transferred successfully.
  • Business Plan: Write up the business plan for the company
  • Bank Account:- Set up a bank account for the new business.
  • Sack off the unimportant projects: I have a few of these dotted around, all of which need sacking off and emptying.
  • Annual Return: Company is due to file its annual return on the 13th, this needs doing before this date.DONE
  • New Business: Send letters to 5 businesses a week to begin marketing the company & call them within 48 hours of the letter being sent.
  • Survey Responses: Wait for responses from the survey we have constructed for Add Deal.DONE


Not much progress on this front, updated my own journal once this week and the other blogs are yet to be updated accordingly.  Goal for this week.  Get Blogging.

  • BoostTorbay blog:- One blog post everyday at the least, starting from Tuesday 7th April 2015.
  • Torbay Discount Card Blog: – Update once a week
  • E3 Mobile Blog: – Update everyday
  • E3 Mobile Corporate Blog: – Update once a month
  • This Blog as often as I can.
  • Personal Journal: I have an online blog which is used for personal stuff – this could do with being updated as often as possible. – Managed to get a blog post written up which was fantastic, could do with a couple more.

Personal Stuff

Last time I checked in I was really struggling with the whole morning routine and getting back into the swing of things, well that has now changed. I’ve been up and about since 5am from Thursday, so far so good.  I am yet to get onto the physical activity or even the weigh in, that’s a goal for next week. 😀

  • Begin 21 Day Challenge: Wake up every morning at 0500 to be productive.  Current time is around 0700. – DONE
  • Physical Activity: Head out every morning for a walk or some physical activity by around 0600-0615
  • Weigh Inn: Find out just how much I weigh, something tells me a lot.
  • Decide on a target & healthy weight to be by the end of May
  • Join the gym.

Not a bad start to ROW80.  The goals which have a line through will be removed from future ROW80 posts.